Welfare Projects

Most clubs make a basic decision as to the composition of their welfare program based upon how much money they can raise through Fund Raising. If they can make a reasonable amount then the Welfare program usually consists of donations of money or equipment to local charities and other good causes.

If a club can only raise limited funds, then the Welfare program tends to be more hands on, providing practical assistance rather than via donations.

At Farnborough we try to do a combination of both. Over 95% of the money we raise is used locally. A small percentage goes to fund international projects such as our ongoing sight preservation program and disaster relief programs.

We have in recent months donated funds to:

     LCI emblem       The donation of 295 refurbished computers in 2020 to families in Farnborough for their children's home education. Details here

     LCI emblem        A donation to Step by Step to help shelter, accommodate and feed 5 homeless young people at Christmas.

     LCI emblem        A 200 donation to the Lions Community Store for their 2020 Christmas food parcel appeal for families in hardship.

     LCI emblem        Purchasing a minibus for Farnborough College of Technology with the 5 other Lions Clubs in our zone - 2,700. Click here for details

     LCI emblem        The donation of 170 Kilograms of food to families in need in the Rushmoor area. Click here for details

     LCI emblem        The Phyllis Tuckwell Hospice - 500.  Click here for details.

     LCI emblem         Acornwood Pre-School to purchase 'The Den'  to enhance the role play area - 350. Click here for further details

     LCI emblem         Funfest 2019. The Lions Annual Zone Project to give families with physical &  learning disabilities a fun day out - 500. Click here 

     LCI emblem         Providing the catering for the Parkside Centre Aldershot 2019 Christmas Party - 110. Click here for details

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