Loma Systems Christmas Food Collection

Farnborough Lions and Loma Systems Staff load food donations for the Community StoreThe need for food collections to assist local people going through hard times during the winter months has never been greater. Pictured here are Staff members at Loma Systems with Farnborough Lions loading generous food donations for delivery to the Lions Community Store.

Loma Systems - a high specification electronics manufacturer asked their 90 staff members based in Farnborough to donate food items to be distributed to local low income families this Christmas.

That appeal resulted in a large crate of foodstuff and seasonal goodies being collected at their Southwood factory. This generous donation was passed on through Farnborough Lions to the Lions Community Store to provide food parcels to those in need during December. Last year over 400 parcels were delivered around the North East Hampshire area to those who would otherwise go hungry. Since then, demand has increased and at the beginning of December the Lions were preparing over 600 food parcels for distribution this Christmas.

For the rest of the year the Lions Community Store core function is to recycle redundant household goods, appliances, clothing etc to benefit genuinely needy people in this area and thereby reduce unnecessary waste to the advantage of the environment. At the same time they provide valuable work experience and skills development for many or their volunteer helpers. 

Employees at Loma Systems have in turn been volunteering with Farnborough Lions during December. They have joined the Lions to collect donations outside Asda and Morrisons Supermarkets in Farnborough and Tesco at the Meadows to contribute hundreds of pounds towards funding the next Farnborough Lions Prostate Cancer Awareness and Screening Event next year. The last Farnborough Lions Prostate Cancer Screening session in September carried out 244 PSA blood tests on local men, resulting in 15 being asked to consult their GP's as a matter of urgency. This is a real life saver and we in Farnborough Lions extend our sincere thanks to Loma Systems for helping with this invaluable work together with their generous food donations for those in need.

Loma's HR Director Adam Bellamy added  "Loma Systems keeps food safe though the machines we manufacture, so it was great to assist with the Lions food collection as it connects with our purpose. We offer employees paid volunteering time to support charities which mean something to them, and a handful of our team have also volunteered to support Farnborough Lions with their Christmas collection. Partnering with a charity like Farnborough Lions Club gives Loma Systems real confidence that our employees donations and volunteering efforts are supporting worthy causes at the heart of our community. We are proud of our culture and employees contributions and would like to thank the Lions for the opportunity to do our part".