Farnborough Lions March 2024 Quiz Night

Following the success of Farnborough Lions Prostate Cancer Screening session in September 2023, we are holing another screening session for local men on 28th September 2024 at Southwood Medical Centre.

Last year's event gave free PSA blood tests to 244 men resulting in 15 being asked to seek urgent medical advice as their prostate specific antigen (PSA) levels were indicating the likelihood of them having the early stages of prostate cancer. Early stage prostate cancer is easily treated to completely cure those suffering from this deadly disease.

Each blood test carried out by the charity Cancer Testing South costs £20 and our aim is to test another 250 local men at a cost of £5,000.

If you enjoy quizzing please enter a team for the 16th March event and help the Lions raise invaluable funds to pay for this all important screening event.

Last year this event saved the lives of 15 local men who would otherwise not have known they had this life threatening disease.

Click the poster alongside to download an entry form

click here to download an entry form