Lions and Dentaid


Of all the pains known, that of toothache is undoubtedly one of the most distressing, whether it be of the sharp eye-watering variety generated by a nerve spasm, the continuous nagging of a chronic condition, or the searing agony of a tooth abscess.

In the developed world the solution is quick and simple, if unpleasant, and often expensive. A trip to the dentist, the pain is gone and all is solved.

But in developing countries dental care has a low priority, leading to untold suffering, especially in children. Primitive methods of treatment are employed in areas where dentists are rare or unknown, with extractions carried out using such implements as bicycle spokes, leading to torture and, in many cases, death from infection and mutilation.

In 2001 the British and Irish Lions established an imaginative partnership with Dentaid, whose aim is the alleviation of pain and suffering. In recent years Dentaid has expanded its work from just supplying refurbished dental surgeries for charitable projects, to playing vital roles in oral health promotion.

(Reproduced from the Multiple District 105 Website)


For more information visit the Dentaid Website.