Computerised blood pressure monitor for Farnborough Medical Centre

Ray Bentley is first to test the anbulatory blood pressure monitor with Dr Ginette HeepsFarnborough Lions Club received a letter from Dr Ginette Heeps, GP Partner at the Mayfield Medical Centre detailing the difficulties the medical practice was having diagnosing the large number of patients suffering from high blood pressure - hypertension. 

These patients need their blood pressure monitoring over a 24 hour period for an accurate diagnosis. Despite running 12 analogue self test home machines there was a 3 month waiting list delaying diagnosis and treatment. Many of the patients also had difficulty using the home machines to record their blood pressure.

In response to that letter we made a 1,800 donation to enable the Medical Centre to purchase a new computerised Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitor. This new system is set up so patients wear the monitor armband for 24 hours with the adjoining box automatically taking regular and accurate readings. These figures are then downloaded to the computer to enable medical staff to diagnose and treat the patients with the degree of accuracy never before achieved.

Within a few months the waiting list for blood pressure monitoring had  been completely cleared resulting in more patients now being tested. An additional advantage with the new monitor is that patients with 'white coat hypertension' - those whose blood pressure goes up when they are in a medical setting are avoiding unnecessary treatment.

The new machine  comes with software and calibration support  for 4 years, so the Lions are looking forward to it helping many of the 10,000 Mayfield Medical Centre patients for many years to come.

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