Pupils ROAR at Cherrywood School

The Lions ROAR 2021 is the exciting opportunity for primary schools to take part in an educational competition to think big and positively change the world. Funded by local Lions Clubs this programme organised through the educational company 8billionideas encourages children to use their imagination and creative skills to make the world a better place.

Pictured below are pupil teams from years 4,5 and 6 of Cherrywood Primary School in Farnborough sponsored by Farnborough Lions Club having presented their team competition ideas including health, environment and sustainability.

Newly appointed member of the Cherrywood team in her role of Aiming High Champion supporting the progress of disadvantaged pupils Mrs Helen Reed said "Working in teams of 3 or 4, the children have been exceptionally animated in their efforts, creating their group names: Resilience Intelligence Friendship and Teamwork (RIFT), Caring, Keen, Curious (CKC), World Changing Ideas (WCI) and The Fabulous Farnborough Four. They have also created impressive team logos, which they wear with pride on their personalised t-shirts". 

"Their next step was to pitch these ideas alongside prototype products and posters and advertising jingles to a panel of judges made up of School Governors,  Staff and Farnborough Lions in the local heats".

Team CKC won the Cherrywood Competition and went forward to the District finals in November prior to attending the ROAR National Awards Day online for children and Lions in early December.

Click on each image below to see the individual team entries and play their presentation videos. 
Cherrywood School pupils celebrate completing their ROAR 2021 projects
Team CKC
Team CKC won the overall Farnborough heat with their mobile phone app (Appforestation) to raise awareness of deforestation and promote recycling and tree planting.

Click on the image above for more details & to watch the video.
Team World Changing Ideas
Team WCI (World Changing Ideas) were highly commended as runners up in the Farnborough heat of ROAR 2021. Their World of Animals board game raises children's awareness of the dangers of poaching to endangered species.

Click on the image above for more details & to watch the video.
Team RIFT pitched an idea of a specialist book mark entitled 'Book Look' to encourage the love of reading by not only marking the page but also the exact word the reader has reached. They won the Best Poster Award in the Farnborough heat.

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The Fabulous Farborough 4

The Fabulous Farnborough 4 won Best Model in the local heat of ROAR 2021. Their idea of an automated fridge using a bar-code system to minimise food waste. 

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