Farnborough Lions Winter Fuel Poverty Campaign

Helping those in Fuel PovertyIn early October Farnborough Lions launched their new Winter Fuel Poverty Campaign.

Farnborough Lions Club (CIO) are collecting donations from those not needing their winter fuel allowance to help those in our community who cannot afford to heat their homes in winter.

With the sharp rise in wholesale energy costs many families in Farnborough will be faced with the harsh reality this winter of choosing whether to heat their homes or buy food.

To help these families in need, Farnborough Lions Club are running a 'Just Giving' campaign to raise much needed funds for home heating.

If you receive the Government Annual Winter Fuel Allowance and your financial circumstances allow you to forego part or all of that allowance you could help a local family that is suffering from fuel poverty. Please consider donating the unwanted portion of your fuel allowance to Farnborough Lions Club (CIO), charity number 1180376. Likewise, if you do not receive the Government Winter Fuel Allowance but are able to make a donation please click the 'Donate Now' button

We will hold the donations in a separate fund to pay fuel charges for local families who are in debt to their energy suppliers.

Click here to donateWe work with partners such as Citizens Advice, Rushmoor Voluntary Services, Rushmoor Council, Vivid Housing Association and The Royal British Legion who investigate all claims. Payments are made directly to the energy supplier, not to the families concerned.

As Winter Fuel Allowances are paid annually, in order to abide by Charity Commission rules we, as Farnborough Lions Club (CIO) have to declare that if after 12 months we have not used all that years donations for fuel poverty recipients, we reserve the right to transfer any surplus from that year into our charity account. These funds will then be used for our normal purposes such as helping local people who have slipped through the welfare net, assisting small local charities and other deserving causes. We can then ensure that we do not have surplus funds sitting idle when they could be used to do good elsewhere. Any donation should be made based on acceptance of this condition.

Whether or not you receive the Government Winter Fuel Allowance you can help those in our community in desperate need this winter by donating through the 'Donate Now' button above.

Many thanks for your kind support.