Lions Community Store Display in Farnborough & Fleet


Community Store in Kingsmead FarnboroughCommunity Store in Kingsmead FarnboroughThis display has been shown from at various locations in Rushmoor and Hart to demonstrate the work of the Lions Community Store which was set up by the Lions Clubs of Farnborough, Fleet, Hart, Hook & Odiham and Yateley.
A large number of people have taken the opportunity to visit the display, to take leaflets giving more details about the workings of the store.

The aims of the store are briefly summed up below: 

The mission of the Community Store is to recycle redundant household goods, appliances, clothing etc. to benefit genuinely needy people in the area we serve, and therebye reduce the unnecessary waste to the advantage of the environment. At the same time it provides valuable work experience and skills development for many of our volunteer helpers.

Every month the Store receives over 300 requests for household items, bedding and clothing, which are generously donated by members of our community. 

Click here to see full details of the Community Store 

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Further display pictures taken at the Hart Centre in Fleet.